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Delivering exceptional support that empowers sports and athletes to excel

The GIS Training Centre offers accommodation, training facilities and high performance services to support Gibraltarian and International athletes and support staff.   Our GIS services and facilities include:

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What we offer

The GIS Performance Support is delivered by a team of specialists spanning several areas to support athlete well-being and optimise performance – all with extensive knowledge and experience in their discipline.


Nutrition is viewed as a cornerstone of an athletes excellence. Our GIS Nutritionist will work with individual strategies to fuel performance and recovery and support long-term health through the use of scientific research and a deep understanding of Athletes unique needs.  Our Nutritionist can create a nutrition plan that empowers you to compete at your best and assist you in achieving your athlete goals.


Physiotherapy services are  designed with a Athlete in mind, recognising the unique demands of sport physiotherapists.  The GIS provides evidence based care to enhance recovery, prevent injury and optimise movement with a combination of hands-on techniques and personalised rehabilitation programs.   The GIS will ensure each athlete returns to the sport with confidence and resilience.


Wellbeing works with a person first approach to provide an individual coaching and mentoring service to all athletes.  The GIS aim is to support athlete well-being and to encourage and facilitate their personal and professional development alongside their competitive sporting careers.

Sports medicine

The GIS Sport Medicine services will be delivered by practitioners dedicated to safeguarding an athletes health and well-being and offering preventative care, diagnosis of acute injuries and tailoring treatments to suit each athlete.  Our GIS Doctors are committed to supporting athletes in managing their injuries or chronic conditions and ensuring the athlete receives the highest level of medical support, enabling the athlete to perform at their highest level, whilst at the same time prioritising their long-term health.

Sports psychology

Our GIS Performance Psychologists work with athletes and their coach to develop an athletes ability to excel in the competition environment. Our specialists help build your mental skills to cope with a range of situations, so you can remain technically and tactically competent under pressure.

They do this by sharpening the psychological, technical and tactical competencies needed to be competitive.

Strength & conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is fundamental to an athletes performance and longevity in their sport career.  The GIS combines scientific principles with a tailored training regime ensuring each athlete not only achieves power and agility outcomes, but also minimising the risk of injury.  Our GIS Strength and Conditioning Staff will  guide you through a transformation journey by providing you with the capabilities to maximise your full athlete potential.

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Training Camps

Our Performance Services team work with you in the planning and delivery of the best possible camp and create an environment that will optimise the performance outcomes.

We discuss, develop, and customize these outcomes with teams or individual athletes before finalizing the camp schedule, ensuring we target your specific goals..

The advantages of camps in Gibraltar include its convenient location just a 2-hour flight from London and 3 hours from Manchester, offering glorious sunshine, outstanding facilities, beautiful beaches, and the convenience of using both English currency and euros.

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VO₂ Max Testing

VO₂ max is a key indicator of an athletes aerobic fitness level. It represents the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can consume during exercise to produce energy. As the gold-standard fitness measurement across all sports, the GIS offers VO₂ Max Testing.

GIS will offer VO₂ max testing to help you understand your fitness levels, optimise your training and exercise programs, or track your performance. Our VO₂ max tests measure your VO₂ max in ml/kg/min.

Whether you are looking to enhance your performance or optimise your health and fitness, our VO₂ max testing services can provide valuable insights into your aerobic capacity.

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Athlete Testing

We create tailored Athlete Testing Programs that can be used to generate statistics for athletes and coaches to quantify key abilities, vulnerabilities and limitations.

The data collected from testing GIS-supported athletes would be a vital resource for their programming. Collecting data on core athletic components such as strength, agility, and speed will allow the GIS to support the athletes with accurate, tailored programming and provide better opportunities for athletic development. This data can also be used as an outcome measure to show changes in athletes over time, between competition cycles, or following a training cycle. Additionally, the data can inform the GIS of the success of its programming and provide feedback to those providing the programming to the athletes on what is working and what may need to be adjusted.